2022 China Luxury Brand Ranking by LuxeCO Intelligence

游佳 2023-04-25 16:10

LuxeCO Intelligence, the fashion industry research institute of LuxeCO, released its annual most important industry list, which comprehensively and objectively reflects the strength and activity of major luxury brands in the China market.

2022 China Luxury Brand Ranking

The“2022 China Luxury Brands Ranking”covers 784 key developments of 110 international luxury brands in China, providing a new panoramic picture of the Chinese luxury market.

The list covers ten categories of brand activities: Store Expansion, China Fashion Show, Brand Exhibition, Visual Communication, Co-branding, Crossover Collaboration, Creative Collaboration, Brand Representatives/Ambassadors/Brand Friends, Digital Marketing and E-commerce, and Other Brand Events.

According to LuxeCO Intelligence’s tracking statistics and weighted scores, the 10 most active luxury brands in China in 2022 are as follows:

Among them,the 5 luxury brands with the fastest increase in activity in China compared to 2021 are:

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Even in the year 2022, when the world experienced unprecedented difficulties and ups and downs, we can still witness the active and aggressive figures of many luxury brands through this list, which fully reflects the continuous upward trend and the unshakable position of the Chinese luxury market. This list reflects the strategic focus and execution of major brands in China market in the past year, which is influenced by the changes in the macro environment to a certain extent, and also reflects the different considerations and deployment of different brands’ management on the pace and strategy of expanding China market.

Undoubtedly, 2023 will be a more dynamic year for the luxury industry in China, and we are looking forward to more colorful and innovative actions by luxury brands and conglomerates in terms of products, stores, marketing, and consumer outreach, to build/strengthen brands’ influence in China in a more approachable and localized way.

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